6 Practical Ideas For Keeping Your Facility Cleaner: Best Practices

Your facility forms the cornerstones of your operations. It is where you manufacture your products, handle storage and distribution, and where your employees carry out their day-to-day activities.

Maintaining a clean and safe facility is crucial. Working in a messy, unclean facility can be risky and may put your employees at risk of disease and injury. Compensating for these injuries will cost you down the road. Moreover, employees who do not feel secure in their workplace will feel reluctant to continue working there.  To maintain morale, boost productivity and reduce overall costs, you must make efforts to keep your facility clean. A reliable cleaning service can help you with that.

Choose Quality Cleaning Supplies

The very first step to cleaning your facility is to select the right cleaning supplies.


One of the most popular trends in commercial cleaning is the use of eco-friendly cleaning supplies, also called green cleaning. These are cleaning products that are safe to use, cost-effective, and good for the environment. They do not contain harsh or abrasive chemicals that could contribute to water pollution or land pollution when released. Instead, they contain biodegradable chemicals that will easily break down and are assimilated back into the environment.


Another reason you should use green cleaning products compared to conventional ones is the risk they may pose to your employees. Conventional cleaning products contain VOCs, which are easily spread by the air. Individuals exposed to higher levels of volatile organic compounds may end up with respiratory issues.

Keep Your Floor Cleaned

Pay close attention to your facility’s floors. You should make sure you regularly clean your floors at least once every 24 hours. Your floor is the first thing your clients and workers see when they enter the premises. A dirty, stained floor can’t make a good impression.


Clean floors don’t just make your facility look good; they also help protect your workers. Many workplace injuries result from slips and falls over dirty, wet, and slippery floors. To avoid your workers getting injured and becoming a setback for your team’s productivity, keep your floors clean and clear. You should hire a quality floor care maintenance team that will not only help clean your floor but will make sure it is waxed or stripped when needed.

Make Sure Your Things Are Organized

You should add shelves to your facility to store office equipment and declutter your spaces. Storing your items in designated areas can help manage your space. But that’s not all; they also help simplify cleaning. They make it easier to get your facility cleaned effectively in a shorter period.


It’s also important to note that a facility with unkempt items strewn across unconventional places can become a tripping hazard. Keep your things organized to make your facility more pleasant and easier to work in.

Install Waste Bins

Your facility should already have waste bins in strategic locations around it. Incorporating waste bins into your facility helps ensure your workers and clients both know where to dispose of their rubbish. This also helps reduce the costs associated with waste collection, as you simply need to pick up accumulated waste from the designated areas.


You should also have separate areas for the disposal of recyclable items such as paper, wood, glass, or metal.

Stick to A Cleaning Schedule

One of the best ways to keep your facility clean is to impose a strict cleaning schedule. By adhering to a schedule, you can ensure that your facility is cleaned daily. You should also ensure that your staff follows the outlined cleaning schedule and protocol. The best way to do this without disrupting your operations is to have your facility cleaned after hours.

Develop A Cleaning Culture

Finally, to truly keep your facility clean, you must develop a cleaning culture among your employees. You should encourage your staff to properly dispose of waste everywhere they go and maintain a clean working environment. Have them see how a clean environment is pleasant and must be upheld at all times. You should also offer them the tools they need to keep their work areas and themselves sanitized, i.e., using hand sanitizers and wipes.


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