The Benefits of Post-Construction Clean-Up

You’re planning a renovation to your business, and you’re so excited to open the doors to a new and improved building. Whether it’s more office space or expanded room for clients, any sort of addition is bound to bring in profits and make it easier for your company to build its brand image. Congratulations from the facility maintenance pros at Green City Services!

Do You Need Help Cleaning Up After Your Renovation?

During construction and before you open for business again, it’s likely you’ll be dealing with a lot of dust and debris. Cleaning up after a large-scale construction project in the workplace is no small task! But don’t worry, Green City Services is here to help. As commercial cleaning experts, we have the equipment and expertise necessary to handle any extensive cleanup job.

Let’s take a look at what you can expect from our post-construction cleaning services

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What Is Post-Construction Cleanup?

Construction is messy. From drills to sanders, your final product won’t look, well, final when your construction crew is done with it. It’ll probably look dusty and a bit like a workshop, with debris lying around and a fine layer of inscrutable powder covering everything.

Construction cleaning takes care of all this and readies your room for employees and customers alike. There are multiple categories of it, including:

Active Construction Cleaning

If you’d like to keep things as clean as possible during construction, we’ll work to maintain a level of cleanliness in the room and keep workers and visitors safe.

In this type of post-construction cleanup, we might sweep the subfloors to prepare them for flooring installation, get rid of any remaining construction adhesive, toss debris, and generally give the room a tidy-up after work wraps up every evening – or however often you’d like! Cleaning while construction is ongoing is typically not extensive, but it keeps your building operational until your project is complete.

Final Interior Cleaning

At this stage, the construction cleanup team is much more thorough and detailed. This kind of cleaning involves a comprehensive approach, wherein floors are vacuumed, applicable carpets are cleaned, and ducts and vents are rid of dust. If you’re looking for something truly extensive, then a final interior cleaning is perfect for you. It often takes place, as its name suggests after a project is completed.

Exterior Construction Cleaning

Finally, we also handle exterior cleaning after a remodel. These services can include window washing, trash removal, and similar tasks that a construction company might not care to handle.

Why Do I Need To Hire A Post-Construction Cleanup Company?

All levels of post-construction cleanup can help keep people safe and happy.

Some form of commercial construction cleanup is a necessity to keep employees, clients, and construction workers alike out of harm’s way. That’s why it’s important to hire a company like Green City Services, which can properly assess and mitigate risks.

Maintain A Professional Appearance

Work on your end doesn’t stop just because your building is getting worked on. However, construction is noisy and messy. While it isn’t possible to pretend nothing at all is happening, these are aspects of construction your employees and clients shouldn’t have to deal with. Play it smart and play it safe with construction-cleanup services.

Get The Job Done Quickly & Professionally

Can you imagine having your own staff picking up after a construction company? They’ve got other jobs to do! They also don’t have the training we do to mitigate the health risks we discussed above. Post-construction cleaning is multifaceted and somewhat dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Contact Green City Services For Detail-Oriented Post-Construction Cleaning

As a powerful nationwide provider of commercial cleaning services, we have the knowledge, numbers, and reach to handle any and all of your post-construction cleaning needs. Our versatility and comprehensive services give us an edge over our competition, as our flawless reviews show!

With over 50 years of experience, Green City Services makes sure to check all of your boxes and help maintain property! We are the best when it comes to Commercial Cleaning Services Kitchener, Cambridge, and beyond.

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