Do’s and dont’s about floor waxing techniques

We all love to have a perfectly waxed floor. It makes the interiors look perfect. When the floors of your home or commercial property shine, you will be able to create a perfect impression on the minds of guests as well. That’s why we should focus on waxing the floors on a regular basis.

When it comes to floor waxing, we can find numerous techniques available to consider. Here’s the best and the most common floor waxing technique available to follow. Any person who wants to wax a floor will be able to follow this technique and end up getting the best results out of it.

Start with cleaning

Before you wax any floor, it is important to focus on cleaning. That’s because the wax will never adhere to a floor that is not clean. Hence, it is important to focus more on cleaning the floors before you apply wax. You can vacuum or sweep the entire area. This should include the corners as well. Then you will need to wash the floor. You can take a mop, damp its water, and wash the floors. After mopping, you will need to allow the floor to dry completely. After your floor is dry, it is perfect enough for waxing. Hence, you will be able to proceed with waxing.

Applying wax

You will not be able to wax any given surface. This is where you should take a look at the type of floor you have and purchase appropriate wax for it accordingly. You will usually be able to see the types of floors where you can use the wax on the cans.

For example, if you are planning to wax a wooden surface, you will need to go through the details available in the can and make sure that you can use it on wooden surfaces. Likewise, make sure that you purchase the best type of wax available for your floor.

At the time of applying wax, you should take a bit of it onto a clean sponge. Then you can start waxing from the center of your room. You will be able to find special wax applicators out there in the market as well. if you have a bigger area to wax, investing in such a wax applicator will be a good thing to do. No matter what, you will need to keep the center of your room as the focal point and start the waxing procedure.

You can apply a thin layer of wax and continue to wax in a circular motion. Make sure that you continue to wax outward. In case if you are applying wax on a wooden surface, you will need to proceed with the grain.


Applying a single layer of wax will not be enough to end up getting a stellar finish. This is where you should apply multiple layers. Upon the application of the first layer, you will need to wait for some time, until it hardens. You will also need to read the specific instructions that you can see on the label, which will provide a better understanding of how long it would take for the wax to dry. In most instances, the wax will dry within just one hour.

You might be able to see bubbles of wax when it is drying. There’s no need to be surprised by it. That’s because bubbles will naturally form on top of wax when it is hardening. Once the first layer of wax is hardened, you will be able to proceed with the second layer. This will help you to end up getting the finish that you always wanted.

These are all the steps that you should follow when you are waxing the floors at home. Make sure that you stick to the steps at all times and you will end up getting the desired results. If you feel that you can’t do it on your own, you can get the help of an expert such as Greencity Services. They can come to your place and help you with all your floor waxing related needs.

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