Get your office cleaned before summer arrives

Summer cleaning is one of the best times to remove junk from your home and to free up your property for entertaining throughout the summer season. Rather than facing the chance that you could be facing your summer cleaning alone it’s usually best to work with a professional who can provide you support throughout your summer cleaning process. If you’re interested in working with the team that’s ready to help you with a deep clean this summer, consider contacting Green City for all your professional cleaning support. 

Our professional cleaners take a look closely into your needs for deep cleaning and we will help you with cleaning your home top to bottom. We can now take a look at a number of trouble spots that are commonly missed throughout the summer cleaning season. Here are some of the top areas that we focus on which are commonly overlooked during a deep summer clean:

Air conditioners and fans:

The areas around your air conditioners and fans are some of the most important items on the list for your summer cleaning. Dusty fans and vent covers are some of the biggest culprits for spreading pollen and spreading dust across your home. If you regularly experience summer allergies or difficulty with breathing in the summer, having a professional cleaner come in and do a deep cleaning on your fans in your vent covers can make a massive difference in the hayfever season that you will have this year. We performed deep cleaning with all of the right tools for reaching and extending in your home to properly deep clean your fans and hard to reach areas. We want to ensure that caked on dust can be removed from areas like your fans so that you can circulate air without all of the pollutants. 

Windows and screens:

if you regularly open up your Windows throughout the summer months it’s very important to not only wash your windows but wash out the window screens. We have tools that can properly wash out window screens that often incur mold growth over the winter and fall seasons. If you’re planning on opening up your Windows, we can make sure that they are properly deep cleaned and at the screens have been properly cleaned so that you can breathe easier with proper circulation throughout your home. Taking the time to properly set up your windows and screens believe your breathing easier and make sure that you can really get the most out of your Windows in the summer season. Being able to see through your windows will help you to drink in the view easier and make sure that you can keep better eyes on kids, enjoy more natural light in your home and more. 

Cleaning out the fridge:

In the warmer months, it is very important to do a deep clean on your refrigerator. When your home gets hotter there is the chance that bacteria can grow faster and this can be extremely troublesome in any area where you keep food. As part of our deep cleaning packages we will take a close look at your pantry area, kitchen and the refrigerator to ensure that we can remove dust and bacteria from the area where you’re going to be doing the most of your food prep. Proper cleaning for your refrigerator and kitchen areas will ensure that you can stay healthy and safe throughout the early summer season with the increase in bacteria growth. 

Deep cleaning of garbage areas:

Cleaning out garages or garbage areas where you keep your trash or performing a deep clean on your garbage disposal can make sure that we can cut down on odors throughout the summer months. The humidity can often bring about unpleasant smells especially in your garbage area and we have the right tools for removing this bacteria and keeping your garbage area smelling its best. As part of our deep cleaning services we want to ensure that even areas that are meant for trash can be properly cleaned and kept safe through the early summer. 

Patio areas:

We have the tools that can properly deep clean patio areas and help with any outdoor dining areas as well. With the assistance of our deep cleaning experts, we will be able to prepare the outdoor entertaining spaces that you need to truly enjoy the summer and get out with friends or family. If you want to make the most out of your patio areas, we can help you with a high quality deep clean to start the season. 

Contact us today so that we can tackle some of these top trouble spots and more for your early summer cleaning!

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