Tired of your old, dull floor? Then you are at the right place. We know all the best ways to give your floors a new look. We completely wipe out the dirt from every nook and cranny, then use special chemicals to polish the entire floor, giving it a brand new look.  We provide effective, high quality services which will satisfy your every floor cleaning requirement. Our package and rates are especially designed to be affordable by everyone.

The chemicals and cleaning materials we use are guaranteed to be environment-friendly. We have expertly trained staff who make sure your place is clean and looks brand new. The results will speak for themselves. You’ll be satisfied to the greatest extent!


We provide floor cleaning services to schools, offices, homes etc. We clean almost all types of floors. Our professionals are well equipped and use modern techniques to give your floors a cleaner and fresher outlook. The chemicals we use are best for giving the floors a new polished look.


  • Vinyl Composition Tile
  • Asphalt tile
  • Porcelain
  • Carbonate
  • Laminate
  • Sheet vinyl
  • Rubber
  • Linoleum
  • Luxury vinyl

Vinyl composition tile is one of the most common types of flooring found in commercial settings. This is widely chosen because of its durability and easy maintenance. However, it needs regular cleaning and maintenance in order to look new. The experts at Green City have thorough experience cleaning VCT and will guarantee clean and shiny floors.


  • Step 1: Inspection
    We’ll closely inspect your floor to identify any pre-existing problems and to decide the best cleaning method.
  • Step 2: Pre-Testing
    We’ll test a small area of your flooring to figure out the best product to use.
  • Step 3: Cleaning
    Using the best floor cleaning products and equipment, we’ll thoroughly clean your flooring to remove dirt, grime, stains and more.
  • Step 4: Floor Finishes
    We’ll apply a nice floor finish to enhance the life of your floors.


Absolutely! Even though we’re well aware of what chemical goes best with what type of flooring, we conduct patch tests to see how your floor responds to certain chemicals.
Yes we do! We understand that each business has its own specific requirements.
Absolutely not! We wouldn’t be in business if that were true. Our products increase floor longevity!

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