Commercial Cleaning Vs. Janitorial Cleaning

While there are similarities between commercial cleaning and commercial janitorial services, the two are starkly different. Before you contract an outside company for one or the other, it is crucial that you evaluate your company’s needs. If you do not hire for the right services, chances are you will either waste money or be unsatisfied with the services you are being provided. As the building or facility manager, it is crucial to provide your employees and current and future customers with a well-maintained building. If you do not properly maintain your business, it will be difficult for you to attract and maintain quality customers and employees.

Additionally, if you do not keep up with your building, your employees may be less encouraged to work. If they do not think you value the business enough to take care of the building, then they may believe you do not value the work you do for them. At Green City Services, our team of professionals offers both commercial cleaning and janitorial services, among other things. We will help you understand the differences between these services, and how we can improve the appearance of your commercial business.

Janitorial Services

A janitorial company will take care of everyday cleaning duties and keep your workspace clean and well maintained on a regular basis. Companies tend to schedule commercial janitorial services based on their needs, typically on a daily, weekly, or bi-weekly basis. If your company hires a janitorial company for office cleaning, you will be responsible for putting together the schedule and the cleaning tasks to ensure that the job has been completed with satisfaction.

Everyday cleaning duties could include:

  • Restroom cleaning
  • Cleaning of employee breakrooms or kitchens
  • Sweeping and mopping of hard surface floors
  • Vacuuming the carpet
  • Dusting
  • Emptying trash
  • Wiping down office desks and chairs

Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning services fully detail every aspect of your business facility. When you hire The Firm for your commercial cleaning services, we will come in at set times to fully clean your office building or commercial store. Most companies invest in all-encompassing cleaning services at a scheduled time a few times per year. These services are designed to clean your commercial building in full. Your business does not need to be deep cleaned every single day, but to continue to attract quality customers and employees, regular maintenance needs to be done, and you should deep clean the facility a handful of times out of the year.

At Green City Services, when you hire our team for your commercial cleaning needs, we will work with you to determine a budget that works for you. We take your cleaning preferences into account before matching them with the best prices for you. From there, we will create a plan for you. Some of the deep cleaning services we offer to our customers include:

  •       Carpet Cleaning
  •       Window Washing
  •       Power Washing
  •       Tile Cleaning
  •       Grout Cleaning
  •       Furniture Cleaning
  •       Floor Cleaning
  •       And more

Deciding Between Janitorial Services and Commercial Cleaning

If you are interested in consistent cleaning services that keep your office or facility looking clean and presentable, then you need janitorial services.  If there are a couple of big cleaning projects you need to be done such as upholstery cleaning or power washing, then you need to talk to a company that provides commercial cleaning services. 

Most service providers offer both types of cleaning services, and most businesses can benefit from having both types of cleaning services performed throughout the year.  When you are looking for a commercial cleaning service provider, find one that can provide both types of cleaning services to save you the trouble of working with multiple contractors.

With over 50 years of experience, Green City Services makes sure to check all of your boxes and help maintain your property all year round! We are the best when it comes to Commercial Cleaning Services Kitchener, Cambridge, and beyond.

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