Easy Guide To Clean Your Commercial Kitchen

Good food not only nourishes your body but also uplifts your mood and makes you feel happy. Therefore, the place where all this delicious food is prepared needs to be the perfect picture of cleanliness and maintenance. And when this kitchen is a means to serve several patrons a day, the job becomes more demanding and a challenge.

Yes, we are talking about your commercial kitchen. A clean and well-maintained commercial kitchen is not only vital for earning big but also running the daily operations smoothly. Not to forget, the government requires a commercial kitchen to meet the cleanliness standards, which is a milestone that is not easy to maintain.

But following certain protocols can help you keep your customers and the food regulation authority happy and satisfied at all times.

So, let’s take a look at how you can make the task of maintaining your commercial kitchen cleaning easy and hassle-free. 

Regulations That Can’t Be Avoided

All the commercial kitchens and restaurants are supposed to meet the standards set by the local food authorities. Negligence on a restaurant’s behalf can lead to serious legal actions such as cancellation of their license or sealing of their place.

The mandatory regulation that all commercial kitchens are accountable to abide by is maintaining a clean, hygienic working space. To stay on the top of the game, practicing thorough kitchen cleaning since day one assures that healthy food and environment are being provided to your customers and your workers.

Follow a Schedule

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

No business can reach the height of its success without adequate planning and proper scheduling. So, formulate a checklist and assign tasks to your staff members so that everyone is aware of their duties.

When you work by a checklist, you get to reap amazing benefits such as:

  • It keeps you on the right track in maintaining all your kitchen equipment and accessories.
  • Assigning tasks does not burden anyone, and the staff members also feel accountable for their duties.
  • When the things are being cleaned regularly, the chances of infestation and contamination become zero to none.
  • The regularly cleaned kitchen allows for a smooth and organized workflow, and you can create deliciously healthy food in time.

Make A Specified kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Once you have gathered all your cleaning supplies, including a clean mop, a bucket, a floor squeegee, a vacuum, and a commercial kitchen floor cleaning detergent, follow the guide below to get started and make your kitchen floor shiny once again.

Some tasks need to be done in every shift, where some are needed to be done once in a while. However, you need to be specific with all the tasks to avoid misunderstandings and attain effective results.

Below, we provide you with a breakdown of major tasks and when they should be performed for optimal kitchen cleaning performance.

Tasks for Each Shift

You do not want to tumble around the kitchen for clean utensils after the shift has started because every second counts when a customer is waiting for their order. So, prepare before the actual work starts:

  • Arrange the kitchen
  • Check your pantry stock
  • Clean and sanitize the counters and sinks
  • Clothes are stocked up for cleaning kitchen spills and splashes quickly
  • Clean empty dustbins are ready to use

Essential Chores after the Shift

Do not wait for the day to end to bring your bamboozled kitchen back to its original condition. Make sure these tasks are performed immediately before the mess gets out of hand.

  • Throw away the dirty clothes in the laundry basket
  • Empty the trash from the bins
  • Sweep and mop the floor using disinfectants
  • Change the aprons if they are dirty and stained
  • Clean the stoves to avoid the accumulation of grease
  • Leftover food and ingredients should be stored accordingly
  • Wash the knives, cutting boards, meat slicer, and counters
  • Empty the fryers, grills, and ovens

You can also hire restaurant cleaning services or a night porter or who conducts a meticulous kitchen cleaning drill to ensure that you get a clean kitchen in the morning.

Weekly Tasks

At the end of the week, make sure to carry out these tasks to prepare for the coming week.

  • Clean out the walk-in refrigerator
  • Clean and sanitize dishwasher and glassware cleaners
  • De-lime the sinks and faucets
  • Give your fryers a deep cleaning therapy

Monthly Tasks

  • Clean and sanitize the major equipment like ice machines and freezers
  • Identify the grease collected areas such as stove, fryers, and ovens and clean them
  • Wash the walls and ceilings
  • Check and adjust the ovens and thermometers
  • Sharpen the knives and meat slicers

Annual Duties

Some commercial kitchen cleaning duties, if performed once a year, give you peace of mind for an entire year. You most probably will need to get professionals on board. These quick clean and repair tasks help you avoid bigger breakdowns.

  • Update the fire extinguisher system and other related needs
  • Tidy up the pilot lights on the gas equipment
  • Get the kitchen hoods checked by the professionals as they tend to become greasy and dirty quickly.

Maintaining a clean kitchen environment needs constant cleaning and updating exercises. So, follow our tips, work as per the schedule, and you will never have an angry customer walking out of your doors.

For best results, you can opt for restaurant cleaning services. Exactly what we offer so you don’t have to worry about this anymore. Contact us today and find out more.

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