Floor Refinishing

High traffic areas are prone to dirt. We conduct stripping and waxing for your floors and keep your facilities clean and presentable for the years to come.

Floor Stripping and Wax Service Kitchener

With the extensiveness of our cleaning services shows our versatility. A cleaning would not be complete without a finishing process and for this, for this we suggest Floor Stripping, Wax and Tile Furnishing provisions. After the general deep clean at your place, we would want to offer our clients the complete package. Yes, we clean your rooms, your house and we can also polish your floors!

Whether before or after construction/renovation, floors usually get last priority. Dirt, sometimes even decay, in floors shows itself through change in color and lack of luster. If you see these signs, maybe it’s time to call our Greencity professionals. Green city services professionals are more than qualified to strip and wax your floor.

Making Your Place Brand New

We do cleaning in various surfaces—ceramic, tiles, hardwood floors but all of them go through a method that makes us guarantee top results. We scrub, strip, seal, and wax. Floor stripping brings out the raw form of your floor. By removing the previous wax and buildup, it’s ready to work with again. We seal floors with our quality materials and buff thoroughly. Aside from increase in shine, sealant protects and prevents floors from further abrasion and grime in between tiles. If that isn’t enough, then the final layer of wax should do the trick. The top wax adds another layer of glow that makes your floor as new as ever.

Our Service is Yours, Guaranteed

Each clean is a different circumstance and demand from the client. We aim to give you the best stress-free service we possibly can and we will try to adapt to your needs as much as possible. Green City Services is fully licensed and insured that has been in the industry since 2005, making a difference by making sure your surroundings are spot-free. Contact us for a quote. Our knowledgeable customer support staff is more than prepared to answer your inquiries.
Floor Cleaning


Floors always require a pre-clean assessment before our scrubbers can get to work. Maintaining your floors is extremely important not only for the appearance of your workplace but also for the safety of your patrons! We make sure that all of your floors are left clean, durable, and shiny as new! We perform scrubbing, waxing and refinishing as well as carpet cleaning and industrial strength stain extraction to make sure that even your carpeted surfaces look brand new.


Refinishing your floors restores your space in a fraction of the cost that you would spend replacing the floors! We have a tried, tested and true method and technique for refinishing all of your floor surfaces ensuring that the job is done right the first time. Our fully trained and experienced team uses only top quality products and machinery for every job. Contact us today for more details about our floor refinishing services!

Commercial and Residential Surfaces that we work on in the Waterloo Area

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