Green Cleaning: Emerging Trend For Commercial Cleaning

Green cleaning is one of the most vital trends in the commercial cleaning industry today. But what does green cleaning mean, and what emerging trends should you look out for? Moreover, how do they impact commercial businesses day to day? Read on to find out!

Defining Green Cleaning

Green cleaning, as the name suggests, is the practice of using chemicals, equipment, technology, and tools that are environmentally friendly compared to traditional cleaning products.

In commercial businesses, we see mass use of traditional cleaning products that contribute to the degradation of the indoor and outdoor environment. These products are filled with toxic chemicals and VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Many of these substances and compounds are toxic to our water and environment. They also pose health risks for individuals exposed to these substances.

Green cleaning counters these products by using eco friendly cleaning products that do not have any spillover effects on the surrounding environment.

However, note that green cleaning doesn’t just limit itself to using eco-friendly cleaning products; it also means cleaning your commercial and residential areas in a way that reduces waste that may end up in landfills. It also means contributing to sustainable business practices in your commercial areas.

Why Is It So Important For Commercial Businesses?

Traditional cleaning substances can have toxic effects on your indoor and outdoor environment. By switching to Eco cleaning, you can offer your employees and customers a healthier workspace. Moreover, you will also be able to remove any harmful and toxic byproducts you are releasing into the environment.

Having a clean workspace is simple enough to understand, but that’s not all green cleaning can do. We live in an age where people are no longer strangers to the effects of harmful cleaning substances on the environment. It’s safe to assume that a significant portion of your demographic pool is attracted to eco-friendly businesses. By prioritizing environmentalism and investing in green cleaning practices, you will help set yourself apart from your competition and attract more customers.

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Is Green Cleaning Expensive?

Before you think that this investment may not be feasible, think again. A popular misconception is that green cleaning products are somehow more expensive and ineffective than traditional ones, so investing in them may seem unwise.

In reality, green cleaning products are not more expensive. These cleaning products are competitively priced and have been made as effective, if not more effective, than traditional cleaning products. After all, without them being effective and comparable in costs, manufacturers knew the green clean movement would not see much traction among commercial businesses.

Emerging Trends to Look Out For

The use of green, healthy, and chemical-free cleaning products has been common throughout history. However, these practices were quickly overshadowed by the introduction of synthetic chemicals and toxins. We now understand the need to protect human health and the environment, and so green cleaning was introduced.

We have seen plenty of new and emerging trends in the green cleaning industry.

• One of the first and most important trends is reducing the use of harsh, toxic chemicals in cleaning product formulations. They may be effective at cleaning, but their side effects on human health, the water systems, and the immediate environment are too large to be ignored. Green cleaning products, therefore, are made using no phosphates, chlorine, artificial colour, or fragrances and instead use organic, biodegradable ingredients.

• We also see the use of activated water technology, which uses ECA (electrochemical activation) to produce electrochemically activated salt water in commercial cleaning. This has proven effective at cleaning out oil and bacteria, particularly in the food industry.

• One more focus of green cleaning product manufacturers is on the packaging of these products, and not just their formulation. Manufacturers are reducing the number of materials used in their packaging production and focusing on recyclable materials.

There are plenty of trends in the green cleaning industry to look forward to, and these continue to grow exponentially. To do your part, you can hire a cleaning company that offers eco friendly cleaning services.

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The path to net zero is a tough one, but green commercial cleaning takes us one step closer to getting there. Cleaning services such as those offered by Green City Services are an excellent example of how you can employ green cleaning practices in your commercial areas without putting a dent in your wallet.

We focus on providing efficient and affordable, safe, eco friendly cleaning for commercial business owners. Moreover, we use high-quality and safe cleaning products and technologies to clean and sanitize your commercial areas. To get more insight into our commercial cleaning services, contact us today.

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