How long does it take for commercial floor wax to dry?

Commercial floor waxing can be a common addition to many types of commercial cleaning services. As waxing can be one of the most in depth of cleaning services, it is important to know how long you may have to wait for the floor to dry before it can see heavy food traffic again. Green City Services is a company that specializes in commercial floor waxing, deep cleaning services and regularly scheduled cleaning services for your business. Our teams have over 50 years of janitorial experience and we can help you with a wide range of tasks in the form of commercial cleaning.

How long commercial floor cleaning wax takes to dry:

Applying coats of wax is often a process that takes time and it is a good idea to make sure that al the coats are curing and adhering before foot traffic resumes. With most types of floor wax, we recommend completing the waxing process over the weekend when there are less people in the facility. Allowing time between coats is usually the best course of action and we will need a minimum of 8 hours to let a coat of wax settle and then cure on a flooring system. If we are doing a complete wax including multiple layers of wax, we would recommend a full 48-72 hours to complete several coats and to leave your floor looking like new again.

Why use a regular floor waxing service:

A floor waxing service can keep your property looking its best and ensure that your floors always have a distinct shine. Using a regular floor waxing service can reduce labour on your janitorial staff and help to preserve the materials in your flooring design. We can help you keep your floor looking its best and without all the time dedicated to the upkeep of your flooring systems.

Our floor stripping and waxing services in Kitchener:

As commercial cleaning service experts in Kitchener and the surrounding area, we are well versed in stripping, cleaning and waxing a wide range of commercial flooring. The waxing service sthat we can include will be able to clear off your floor and then reseal the area using a clear wax finish. Floor stripping and waxing with the right equipment can handle the process easily and ensure that the job is completed to a professional standard. With our team working for you, we can make sure that your flooring is cleaned, stripped, waxed and properly dried so that you can see foot traffic and a flooring look that is perfect for your business.

Our floor waxing services include support for asphalt tiles, porcelain, carbonate, laminate, rubber, linoleum, vinyl, and more. We can leave your floor looking its best and follow all the steps of care required to preserve your flooring materials.

Our teams can assist with a wide range of hardwood floors and in creating a professional environment for your business. At Greencity services, we provide the best in floor waxing throughout the waterloo and Kitchener area. We want to ensure that your flooring can have the greatest in durability and care. With our services, we can offer affordable cleaning and grime removal that will not damage your floors and using the most efficient tools on the market.

Whether you need a one time deep cleaning service, or you are in need of assistance with an ongoing floor cleaning schedule, we are a team that is ready to assist you today. Our process starts with a full inspection of your flooring, a pretesting of our flooring treatments followed by a complete cleaning and finishing.

By partnering with our cleaners in Kitchener, we can provide you a hassle free floor cleaning service. It is our goal to help our clients get accurate cleaning that removes dirt scratches and stains and at a competitive price. We are here to help you find a dependable cleaning service from a licenced, bonded and insured company.

Contact us today if you are in need of floor waxing services in Kitchener, the GTA and more.

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