Carpet Cleaning Tips

One of the primary ways to impress clients and steal the limelight from competitors is to look the best for a business. The overall décor of your building reflects your professionalism, vision, and your credibility above all.

The neglected worn-out carpets are the last thing you want, as they will only ruin your business attire. Keeping the carpets clean and attractive can be a challenge with all the hustle-bustle businesses endure every day. But having an understanding of how often should business clean carpets can tick off a big burden from your shoulders.

For cleaning commercial carpets, there is no certain timeline that fits all. It depends on certain factors. Let’s take a look at everything that you need to know for keeping your carpets fresh and attractive all the time.

How Often To Clean Business Carpets?

Cleaning carpets is important for many reasons. The dirt and unwanted spills can leave ugly stains and unpleasant smells, leading to bacteria and mold nurturing on them and polluting the whole environment.

Therefore a regular cleanup is necessary, but if we look at the matter from a general perspective, the carpets cleaning schedule can be maintained based on the following guidelines:

Professional Cleaning

The professional carpet cleaning is advised to be conducted every 2 years at the least. If there’s medium traffic in that area, once a year is fine; otherwise, bi-annually for heavy footfall like entrance, conference meeting rooms, etc., is advised.

General Cleaning

General carpet cleaning is instructed annually, but if a business caters to a large audience every day, cleaning in 3 to 6 months is advised. The entrances and hall carpets with continuous use should be cleaned monthly or twice a month. The offices with less traffic are fine with 4 times a year.

Factors That Determine Carpet Cleaning

Not all carpets are the same, neither the frequency of their usage. So when you think of cleaning them, certain factors determine their cleaning needs. These factors will help you understand your carpets in a much better way.

1.   The Tone and Styles

The color tone, nap, and style of your carpet dictate the cleaning process the most. If you have installed the light color carpet with a higher nap in your building, the need to clean them constantly will also be high. However, dark colors with shorter naps require less frequent cleaning.

2.   Weather Effects

The rainy or snowy days call for more wet visitors, bringing muddy sticky shoes to your office. The mats at the entrance will help a little bit, but a lot will still end up on your carpets, making you clean them quite often during these seasons.

The carpets near the main entrance and hallways face such catastrophes the most.

3.   Type of Business

What is the type of business you operate determines the type and quantity of traffic you will face every day. It also determines how often should a business clean carpets.

      • The restaurants require quarterly cleaning because of the unavoidable spills and greases in the kitchen.
      • Healthcare facilities require deep carpet cleaning more frequently to avoid any airborne diseases and infections.
      • Retail stores encounter a lot of traffic every day, including people of all ages. Therefore, the carpets will require cleaning after every 3 to 6 months.
      • Schools and Educational institutes also come under heavy traffic areas. So the cleaning should be conducted in a minimum of 4 to 8 months.
      • Cinemas and Theaters also need multiple cleaning rounds as the close air-conditioned areas can breed bacteria quite easily.
      • Office buildings are advised to clean their carpets every 6 months depending on the number of people working and visiting daily.

4.   Amount of Traffic

The number of people walking on your carpets greatly affects their cleaning schedule. If your office has less than 50 employees, twice a year cleaning will do. However, if the employee count crosses 100 to 200, quarterly cleaning will be required. If you are operating a high-traffic business, the frequency of cleaning will also increase.

Bursting The Myths

You might have heard that washing the carpets too often will ruin their appearance and shorten their lifetime, leading many people to avoid cleaning at all. But the truth is that an unprofessional cleaning can damage your carpets painfully.

The detergent residues left on the carpets attract more dust and dirt, making them appear muddy and untidy quickly. However, the carpets cleaned properly by professionals will make a huge difference to the entire experience and keep them looking clean and fresh for long.


If you wait for the year-end to clean your carpets, you might end up with heavy cleaning bills and the scariest carpets in the world. To avoid such disasters, you can vacuum your beauties daily, be attentive to the spills and spots and conduct preventive professional carpet cleaning every now and then.

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