Best Tips To Maintain A Reception Area Clean And Tidy

A business’s reception area is the first thing acknowledged by the visitors. An inviting reception area where a friendly staff courteously welcomes visitors creates a positive image of your business. After all, creating that first impression matters when you want to retain potential clients and shape the true priorities of your company.  

Imagine your potential investors are waiting at the reception area. Overly crowded front desks, unhelpful receptionists, unclean equipment and dirty carpets will give your meeting a wrong start. However, a clean, well-kept and pleasant-looking front desk will provide a good experience to your visitors and shape your business’s positive image in their minds. Not to forget, a cleaner and well-maintained office boosts employee morale and gives them a healthy working environment. 

So, how to maintain a reception area?

Tips To Maintain the Reception Area

Do you need to redesign the entire area and the lobby to make the reception area an inviting space? Not Exactly! 

Apart from designating considerable space to your office reception area, you need to make sure the place is spick and span. Here are some tips that will help you maintain your reception area, allowing you to have that perfect space where visitors feel comfortable even if they have to wait for some time.

1. A Clean Floor is a Must

Being the busiest part of your office or commercial building, the reception area greets several visitors in a day. Along with your visitors, the area also receives dirt and dust. Keeping the grime outside may not be possible, but it is best to have a mop ready for quick sweeping. Regular vacuuming of the area is a must to keep the dust out if you have carpets.
You can also place a boot scraper and a doormat at the entrance to ensure the dirt does not enter the premises. To keep your office and reception area clean and smelling fresh, opt for reliable commercial cleaning services.

2. Create a Spacious and Functional Space

A cluttered and disorganized reception will certainly produce a negative image of your business. On the flip side, a neat and well-organized reception area is key to receiving positive visitor reviews. Moreover, giving your visitors a quiet and comfortable waiting area indicates the professional attitude of your organization.

Large companies have sufficient places to accommodate their visitors but if you have a small space, here are a few useful tricks to help you avoid crowds and mismanagement at the front desk.

  • Avoid cluttering the reception area with heavy, bulky furniture. Use sleek yet comfortable chairs and sofas to give the room a spacious feel.
  • Never clutter the front desk. Instruct your reception staff to always keep files and stationery in the drawers for a neat look, organized look.
  • Provide your visitors with a small collection of magazines and reading material. This will keep them engaged till you are ready to meet them.
  • Keep the area free of trash. Place bins in the area, providing your visitors with a proper way of disposing of waste.

3. PrBrighten Up with Proper Lighting

Proper lighting gives any space a lighter feel, lifting the users’ mood. If your waiting area welcomes lots of natural light, it will enhance the overall effect of your reception area. Natural light is more welcoming and puts less pressure on the eyes. With sun rays entering your reception and waiting area, you just need to adjust the furniture to keep the place brighter.

However, if it’s the other way round, use beautiful bulbs and LED lights to brighten up the place. Make sure the bulbs do not put strains on the eyes and mimic the natural light in the best possible manner. The best way to choose appropriate lighting is to determine the right colour, shape and size. Oh, and keep an eye out for flickering or fuse-out bulbs.

4. Bring In Greenery

Adding a pot or two in your reception area makes it look modern, soothing and fresh. Plants will also add colour to your well-designed reception area. But don’t forget to choose plants that require low maintenance and pick the species depending on the amount of light you receive in the waiting area.

5. Offer Refreshments

To keep your visitors entertained and make them feel relaxed, offer coffee, cold beverages, wrapped-up candies. You can also place a water dispenser to further facilitate the visitors. It will give a soft image of your company and show that you value your clients and visitors.

Also, make sure the environment at the reception area smells fresh and clean. Invest in air freshness and use reed diffusers to maintain a fresh-smelling zone.

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