Office Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

Did you know keeping your commercial restroom clean and tidy play an important role in building your reputation? 

A clean, spotless bathroom is not only vital for general hygiene and the health of your employees, but it also creates a lasting impression on your guests and clients visiting your facility. In short, tidy office bathrooms ensure a hygienic environment and boost your company’s goodwill with positive reviews. Not to forget, regularly maintaining the cleanliness of your office bathrooms eliminates the need for extensive cleaning procedures.

To make things easier for you, we prepared a quick bathroom cleaning checklist for your office to help you keep the bathrooms at your office building neat, making them more comfortable and welcoming.

Before Cleaning

Your cleaning staff must do the following things before starting the actual cleaning process.

Wear Protective Gloves
Before the cleaning process starts, make sure that protective gloves are used to avoid catching germs. If your cleaning staff is about to use any cleaning sprays during the cleaning procedure, make sure they carry goggles with them.

Place Cleaning Signs
Remember to place “Wet Floor” signs on the floor; this will convey a clear message to people that the floor is being mopped and they should avoid entering the area.

Clear the Floor before Cleaning
Before the staff starts cleaning the surface of the restroom, they must remove everything from the floor. This will help them clean every inch of the surface without leaving any grout or grime unnoticed.

Cleaning Steps

Now comes the real part, the cleaning!

Scrubbing the Bowl
Bowls need to be clean and stainless. Expert cleaning services use two kinds of bowl cleaners: acid cleaners and non-acid ones.

If the restroom at your facility receives proper cleaning regularly, a non-acid cleaner is enough. The cleanser will apply cleaner on the rim of the bowl surface and use a bowl brush to clean it properly. However, if there are stains on the bowl, the cleaning service will use a bowl cleaner containing acid.

Toilets and Urinals
The urinals are the most frequently used areas of the restroom, so they need extra attention during the cleaning process. First, the cleaner must remove debris from around the toilet and then use a separate cleaner and disinfectant for the toilet to make it spotless. Finally, flush the toilet repeatedly to ensure it is working properly. 

It’s also important to treat the exterior of the toilet with a disinfectant solution. Remember to let the cleaning solution sit on the toilet for the recommended time mentioned on the packaging. This will allow the chemicals to kill all the microorganisms on the surface of the toilet.

Applying Cleaning Solution
Now the cleaner should soak the bathroom floors using your finalized cleaning solution.  Soaking the surface will make it easier to clean the piled-up dirt without the need for some extra scrubbing.

Cleaning the Sink
The cleaning process is incomplete without a clean and shiny sink. If your office washroom undergoes regular cleaning, a simple cleaning will do the trick. However, if the sink is too dirty, the cleaner must first rinse it and then scrub it using a sponge. After washing it with warm water, the sink must be washed with a rag or disposable cloths.

Wash the Floors 
When it comes to bathroom floors, rinsing them with warm water will ensure a thorough cleaning. Using warm water will disinfect the dirty floors and remove the dust and grime more easily. Next, the cleaner should vacuum the floor thoroughly and use a flat microfiber mop to remove any dust particles on the floor.

Wipe Out Mirrors and Glasses
An office restroom typically has quite a few mirrors and glass surfaces. They should be equally spotless and disinfected to make them look glossy. If you have large glass surfaces in your restroom, it is advised to use a squeegee for better reach.

A rule of thumb while cleaning the commercial washroom is to start from the top and then move to the bottom. Dust the light fixtures, clean the slabs and then move to the floor. This way, all the dust will fall to the floor, and the cleaner will be able to clean more properly.

Oh and Don’t Forget

Empty and Refill
You want your commercial restrooms to be clean and welcoming. Empty dispensers and overly filled trash bins are not a good sign. So, after everything is cleaned up, look for empty dispensers around the restroom. Place paper towels and fill the soap dispensers. Also, empty the trash bin and sharp containers before leaving the restroom.  

Keep the Floor Drains Running
The cleaner must make sure that water is moving quickly through the drains during the cleaning process. A clogged drain can cause several problems in the long run, along with destroying the entire bathroom atmosphere. You can either use an acid drain opener (Suitable for clogged drains) or pick an enzyme drain opener for regular cleaning.

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