Cleanliness after construction work is really important for keeping your site clean and make your work go smoothly and with effectiveness, but we know that it’s also a really difficult task to perform. It is challenging to clean all the mess caused by construction work. But we have professionals to work for you and get all the things clean and organized after the construction work is completed.

  • Post construction cleaning service
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  • Post construction cleaning service
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It has become increasingly important to be aware of the bacteria around us, and it is always recommended to perform regular cleaning to ensure complete removal. At Greencity Services, we provide excellent disinfection services on places that are frequently touched.

With the coronavirus at rising, the workplace has been forced to evolve. Some businesses have moved completely to work from a home model, however, there are plenty of jobs that do not have the luxury of switching over. Thus, it is an excellent time for workplaces to get the disinfection done and get all the surfaces disinfected.

Environment-friendly disinfectant

Protecting the environment is one of our highest priorities. The chemicals and cleaning material we use is proven to be safe for the environment

Safe for everyone

We provide the best high quality services that money can buy.

Professional cleaning

We have professionally trained staff who effectively and efficiently clean your place.

How does the post-construction cleaning service works?

We work with professional architects, designers and constructors to plan our cleaning work after the construction work is over and done with and work together to get perfect results.

If you are looking for a team of professionals that can organize your site area in a way that is looks good, organized and clean, something your customers are attracted to, then you’re at the right place.

  • Phase 1 – Rough Clean
    Rough Cleaning involves organizing all scattered objects and removal of waste materials such as leftovers of electrical, plumbing and wood-work.
  • Phase 2 – Prep Clean
    Prep Cleaning is a deep cleaning service that involves cleaning of kitchens, cabinets, washrooms, mirrors, ledges and every other small area onsite.
  • Phase 3 – Final Clean
    Final Cleaning involves a high level, intense cleaning of the construction site after construction has been done. All areas are washed and wiped with special care. Deep cleaning of each area is done, including garages and back areas.

Our services are available 24/7. Our team is professional and has specialized in deep cleaning a number of places. Our team has all the chemicals and equipment needed to clean all areas, effectively and quickly, in really affordable prices. So contact us now for a high quality, thorough cleaning of your construction site.

If your place is for sale then it will surely attract more and more clients if it’s clean and organized.

Service provided for

  • We provide our cleaning services to the following post-construction sites and situations:
    Pre-Move-In Cleanings.
    Custom Built Homes.


Additional Services include:
 Superintendent Cleaning Services.
 Supply & Stock Consumable Cleaning.
 Power Washing Services.
 Litter Control.
 Tile & Grout Deep Cleaning.
 General Cleaning Services.
 Window Washing Services.
 Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning.


Our coronavirus response

Protect your clients and workers by having your working environment 100% free of virus and germs 🦠

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