Construction / Renovation Clean Up

Let our cleaning experts clean and organize your space and remove layers of post-construction and renovation debris.


We at Greencity Services understand the effort our clients go through when it comes to construction. After housing and roofing materials are delivered, installed and repaired, you are left with debris that takes a lot of time to clean and occupies a lot of space. We offer pre and post-construction cleaning services in Kitchener – Waterloo. It takes more than just a deep clean to restore a room in its natural order. There are different kinds of post-construction cleans. The type of clean that will be used depends on the extensiveness of rubble in the work area.

Kinds of Construction Cleaning

With eco-friendly products, our cleaning crew takes over after the builder’s collective work is finished. Once the builder announces that construction is finished (or even during the construction/ renovation process) we come in and evaluate what needs to be done in order to make sure your hard work really shows through. Indoor and outdoor post construction/ post renovation clean up often includes a deep and thorough clean, ensuring that all debris, materials, dust, dirt and grime are removed. Our trained professionals take special care to make sure that your projects and hard work are maintained and shown off!


Along with post-construction cleaning, Post Renovation Cleaning Kitchener – Waterloo services are also available. In both cases, our expert cleaners deal with dust and soil from renovation work. We believe that the renovation process is like a homecoming and while your new home needs a makeover, this includes giving it a thorough clean. Similar to construction, our work as cleaners involves making sure that every nook and cranny of your house is spotless. Minor repair jobs, such as door jams and organizing, might be done.
Floor with Cleaning Machine

General Tasks for Every Room

  • Vacuum floors and surfaces exposed to construction/renovation site

  • Wipe dust on window tops, window sills, and household appliances

  • Walls, mirrors, and baseboard are disinfected and dried

  • Insides of storage clean and tidy

  • Hallway structures and décor, doors and frames polished

  • Washing and drying of rugs and upholstery

After-Clean Inspections

As of Greencity’s professional initiatives, area managers make it a point to inspect the renovation and construction cleaning sites, making sure that each task is always up to standard. The heads of staff often take notes in these evaluations, making sure that the clients return to their site home/building to find it spotless. Log books are used during these inspections for transparent communication between Green city and the clients.

Client Satisfaction is Our Priority

Of course, we are aware that each patron has a different circumstance and demand. We aim to give you the best stress-free service we possibly can and we will adapt to your needs as much as possible. Please mind that Greencity Services is a licensed cleaning company that has been in the industry since 2005, making a difference by making sure your surroundings are spot-free.

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